English - Dutch Education Worldwide

T housands of Dutch children spend part of their childhood abroad. When they return to the Netherlands, they (re-)enter the Dutcheducation system at anywhere from primary school to university level. The Foundation for DutchEducationWorldwide (Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland, or NOB) is a non-profit organisation that has been facilitating their smooth transition into the Dutcheducation system since 1980. The Ministry of Education, Culture and  Science has commissioned NOB to promote and support high standards of Dutcheducation for Dutch-speaking children around the world.

An international perspective

By broadening their horizons and working abroad, Dutch expatriates stimulate the Dutch economy and international relations. The fact that their children can continue to pursue high quality Dutcheducation  makes it easier for families to take this step. For independent entrepreneurs and employees of international corporations, as well as for diplomats and overseas development workers. Worldwide support In addition to international or local education, 14,000 pupils all over the world are pursuing Dutch education abroad. Many attend Dutch schools (full Dutch curriculum or Dutch language and culture lessons), others go to European schools or stay connected through distance learning.

Approximately 200 Dutch schools are based in unique locations, where passionate teachers provide outstanding education  using often modest resources. NOB supports the educational staff as well as the administrative board. We provide services with the aim to professionalize staff and retain the quality of education. For the European Schools, NOB acts as employer of the Dutch teachers and directors and represents the Netherlands on the Board of the European Schools.

Global connections

NOB enables Dutcheducation facilities worldwide  to get in touch with each other as well as with other educational organisations. We also promote and safeguard the interests of overseas Dutcheducation  within the Netherlands itself.